Questions about modifying a Pontiac g5

Pontiac G5 2.2L
Now I have a 2009 Pontiac g5. It's has the exact same 2.2L ecotech motor as in the chevy cobalt of that year but I'm posting my question here in hopes of more people can help me. I was interested in thinking about some basic mods for my car, like a cold air intake and a better exhaust system but I'm really not so sure. It's an automatic, and that alone is enough to turn me away, but are any mods worth installing on this car? Is the power gain from these mods going to outweigh the money and effort put into it? Or should I just save my money and get an '04-06 Acura RSX with a 5-speed manual that has a lot more potential for the mods I mentioned earlier and then some??


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you have to make your own decisin

but here is couple pix of a cobalt with ecotec, the GM ecotec is a very good engine, and lots of mod parts available, HP up into the 600-800hp is doable!

i took pix of that car, and shortly after went a 9.8 sec. 1/4 mile at 145mph speed!

after race for the day,he drove to the fast food place, for his paddock guys! so kool.


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