pug 106 gti tuning


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Hi Welcome to the site. Nice to have you along. I hope your prepared to spend a bit of cash because I'm sure we will be recommending so many ideas to you that you will want to do them all :lol: I've also copied this topic to the PUG forum so you will get our resident pug fans opinions as well.

Biggest power gains come from adding a turbo so I would use this as the basis of your tuning strategy and go with bigger valves, injectors etc. The question is who to get to carry out the work - Here is were you will get a number of different opinions. (To remain impartial I'm not going to recommend or list one company over another. :wink: )


decent pair of cams. throttle bodys and remappedand a decent exhaust system.my friends got a hairdressers car yep a saxo! vts and he got his up to 183bhp and it flys :shock: its does tick over a bit lumpy. it looks complety standard.the same engines buy the pug is worth more :?


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Oooh a hairdressers car eh!

Well I can be a bit of a tart so I guess I fit the car well then!

Anyway, back to the bloke stuff! The TU5J4 engine is regarded by quite a few people as one of the last 'highly tuneable' engines produced. More and more modern cars are increasingly difficult and expensive to tune, often with few real gains.

As suggested cams and t/b's is a great route to go down.. But quite expensive and with more gains than it sounds like you really want. Realisitically you are looking at 160BHP easy with a set of catcams 708's or similar cams alongside a decent remap or mapped stand alone management. You could probably get 140 BHP with decent breathing mods. You are looking at:

Good quality enclosed induction (Green|BMC or the like)
Full stainless exhaust system (de-cat) inclusing a 4-branch stainless manifold.

You could look at other modifications such as lightened and balanced flywheel, head work or work on the throttle as the inlet is quite restrictive. But what you have above is a good base for future modifications without breaking the bank in one go. Personally I would want to pour more money into suspension and breaks anyway.