Prolong oil.

Don't worry I have no intention of touching it ;). In my mind anything that rely's on gimmicky marketing can't be any good.
Can't see anyone buying it! At least you'll be able to spot the cars using it they'll look like red arrows! :lol:
That's a relief.

I'm often bewildered by the advertising methods used.

There was a famous one some years ago for Slick 50. Basically, the (American) advertiser took 2 identical engines. Treat one. Leave the other untreated.

Then drain oil from both.

Now start the engines. Sure enough, the treated one managed 13 more seconds than the untreated one before finally siezing.

So what? How many of us actually drain the oil from our cars and then drive them?

Also consider this. DuPont Industries - the brains behind Teflon refused to sell it to Slick 50's makers claiming that it had no place in lubricating engine oils.

So, Slick 50 sues DuPont under the restriction of trade laws in the US and forces DuPont to sell Teflon to them!

Thus allowing them to make a product that is potentially destructive to engines and then blame DuPont for the problems.
It's mad definitely. The saying 'If it's too good to be true, it probably is' always stay's in my mind, I bet Halfords sell gallons of this!
I'm off to drain my engine & fill it with milk I've heard the calcium eliminates friction completely. :bigsmile:;)
i just laughed when i seen this advart to begin with ( gee i really am getting sad )

theres a lot of reading on the carbibles site there going to have to read it more indepth tomorrow as brains starting to come out my ears as it is
Car bibles site is worthy of thorough investigation. It's also enjoyable to peruse at your own leisure.

It can make your blood boil. Go and read the cases and examples of 'convicted speeders'. As if a speeding driver is a criminal.
Now contrast to recent events.

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