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Take two:
Do you have any track day advice you'd like to share?
I'm planning on going early next year, The tracks I'm most likely to go on are Donnigton (nearest) Oulton Park & Silverstone. There are also Airfields that are good for novice days apparently but I've yet to find out where they are yet.
I'm also going to get some driver instruction first So If you've been on a course already let me know what you thought & was it worth the money?

My Questions,

1, I've got a set of alloys with R888 tyres ready, but will I be able to leave my road wheels somewhere or will I need a mate with a car to store them in?

2, Besides spare brake pads, oil, petrol & a basic tool kit what else should I take?

3, I have track day cover, but happens If I break down or get a puncture half way round will I have to pay for recovery?

4, Just how strict are are they about noise?

Many thanks again,

Loz :bigsmile:
It's always handy to have another car there in case you need to be towed home.

Do a full service and use a very high quality oil. Synthetic brake fluid is also a good idea for track use although a recent brake fluid service will suffice.

I think rules on recovery and noise vary from track to track. The most noisy engines are generally Vauxhalls by quite a margin. You should be ok with yours unless you have a big bore loud ass exhaust.
Some track also offer a "Noisy Car and Bike day" So that could be an option if you've got a noisy exhaust. This is a route I might go down with the Primera but I don't know yet. I'm undecided whether fill it with ICE or strip it out for track use. I'd keep it road legal but make use it mainly on a track. Hmmmmm decisions.
Can you fit something that is easily removable? You can get a big sub box and fix the amp to that. Then just undo the wires and take it out when you go to the track.
I haven't got an exsessivly noisy system (I think) It's a 2" 'sports' exhaust system but it's loud in the car cos there's no sound proofing!

Like this?:amuse:



Strip it out & put a cage in, you know you want too! :bigsmile:
Trust me I'm seriously thinking about it. But I'm torn. If I go the ICE route then I mean everything in the car will be a custom build. Like custom door pods an such. But if I strip it out then I could have so much fun on the track. Hmmmmm decisions decisions. lol. Watch this space I may change the way the car is going lol.
Ta mate :D Sadly the box (& the car) have gone now :( The plug you can see was an ace buy! I also had a pair of boxed 6x9's which sat anywhere in the car so I still had sounds when the big box was removed for shopping trips. :bigsmile:
I would recommend a novice day for starters and get tuition. Everyone thinks they are born racers! Only when you get on track do you start to find out how poor your perception is!

Airfields and autodromes are good places to start, get to know yourself and your car in safety. Then track day with tuition is also advisable, get to know the racing line, brake markers, turn in etc.

Service your car, oil change before and after!
Brakes tip top
Tyres tip top and check pressures.
Remove all unnecessary items from your car, maybe wise to buy a large carry lockbox to stowe stuff in. Most trackdays are pretty good with everyone watching out for your gear!
Check the circuit for dB, you should be okay but you can always by a baffle to insert!
If an open pitlane, be sensible and allow your car to warm down.
Thanks for the great tips Stamford, a couple of questions...

Driving & tuition,
I already know I'm not a born racer so no worries there! Can you recommend anyone in particular? I only know of Silverstone who do a driving school day.

I've got a set of Metro GTI wheels with R888 tyres ready & waiting :)

There's not a lot in my car it's already stripped out & I hate clutter so no worries there! :amuse:

I was thinking of a Supertrapp silencer in the future to help tune the noise level, any good?

Open pitlane,
This is how much of a novice I am! :embarrest: What does that mean exactly?

If I breakdown half way round will I be charged for recovery back to the pits?


Loz. :bigsmile:
Not sure where you are based, but any form of tuition is worth the money just to get track knowledge and confidence. Just doing novice track days is a bonus and gets you on the road, excuse the pun :lol:

R888's perfect!

Supertrapp are good, been around for years, there is another available, I'll need to find the details for you.

Open pitlane means you can go on and off the track at will, no restrictions on time slots or number of cars on the track at any one time. This tends to happen when there are few cars on the day, therefore easier to marshall.

As for breaking down, I've not heard of being charged for recovery, never had the need ;)

I'm doing a track day at Brands on the 21st, you're more than welcome to come along and watch, have a natter.
Post up some details of that in the MEETS section stamford, might get a few of us along to watch and compare notes.
how much is a track day typically when i get this audi im not gonna be shunned for having a 1.6 lol am i ? also i would like to pop my car on the track and then start to upgrade and see and feel the difference.
yea prob lol i have been on a airfield once and drove a murchilargo and done quite well got a high time or low time if you look at it that way i just would feel out of place in a 1.6 dont you think ?
Doesn't matter what you drive, if you become a good driver you can easily embaress a driver of a much more powerful car just by car control.

Speed is nothing without control! My MG is not the fastest out there but when driven correctly can turn a few heads when up against more powerful cars.

Just think back to Damon Hill in the Hungarian GP in the Arrows and see what he was doing because he could drive! He was leading the race, overtook Schumacher in the process and ended up finishing 2nd due to hydraulic failure, oh yea he also qualified 3rd! Not bad for a naff car and a Yamaha engine!
Ok quick search on google maps for the following tracks,

Brands Hatch 163 miles

Donington is 51 miles

Oulton Park is 63 miles

Silverstone is 77 miles

I'll do a search for airfield days in a bit :bigsmile:

So yes Donington is the closest to me & I think the guys at Talon go there regularly too. :amuse: Is Donington best for you to then as well?
I'm off to Brands and that's 85 miles for me. Thruxton is 58 and Castle Combe is 108, so they are my 'local' tracks.

I wouldn't mind going further north sometime.
err silverstone is like 55/60 miles easy drive rockinghame 1 mile dunno about anyothers there is an airfield about 30 miles that does that thing ive been there before
Donnington is about 40 miles away from me. So yeah thats the closest to me. But I don't think Oulton park is much further either. I'm right near Junction 28 of the M1. So I got pretty good access to anywhere really :D:D
i read all of that i have drove a lambo murch round and airfield but i didnt push it because if i spun i was off the track and it cost 100 quid lol :D
no birthday pressie and yea it was fun but the mirrors where facing the guy in the car and i was annoying because this mad woman was whipping a scooby estate around she worked there and done the high speed lap and she beat me haha but i mantain only because i couldnt see her :D:D
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