Order of work done


Wrench Pro
Okay, so, in 6 months I'm looking to get a type-r. Going to run it for 12 months and then if it is running well start to do/ get work done on it.

Electrically I want new sound (probably take the stuff from my Golf that I am trying to sort out now), reversing sensors and camera, and roof dvd with earphones for my little girl. And probably a very good alarm.

Physically, I am hoping to get the interior reupholstered, inc gaiters, shelf and boot, a stealth box in the boot for sub, and door cards and dash retrimmed/ sprayed. Might ask for a little customisation to fit reversing screen into dash if I haven't got a head unit which will display. Plus steering wheel gear knob and decorative bits, oh and harness.

Is it worth getting all the electrics done together? Or would stage by stage be fine? Would mean collecting the gear til I've got it all, or saving and getting it all in one.

And should I get all the electrics done first and then the body work, or visa versa? I can see benefits and problems with both.

Hoping I can get most of the work done for a few grand (not including equipment) but will have to get quotes nearer the time.

Any experiences/ advice welcome.
would say try and get all the wiring done altogether especially if its a lot as it will mean pulling panels on every time which will add to the labour cost

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