nissan skyline GTS t need cash quick


Anyway, you may have seen my car on ebay, but to be honest people were messing around and making silly offers in my opinion. So its a R33 GTS t, gun metal grey, stainless exhaust and apexi air filter. Im getting married in two weeks and i need the cash fast for the honey moon. I have owned the car for a year and it was my intention to sell it, but it was so nice to drive I never got round to it. It has now dawned on me that I need the money quick so its gotto go! apart from the fact that she has been chewing my ear and the wedding is costing alot more than what we budgeted for.

The car was imported in nov 05 and a mate of mine brought it, he found it too big so he sold it to me for 4k in may 06, i brought it with the intention to sell it and make some cash, this failed miserably as import skylines are hard to get insurance on. So i drove it about a bit and loved it.

so its a M plate skyline

Gunmetal grey

apexi filter

stainless exhaust

standard rims in good condition

usual skyline bit, electric mirrors, climate, E/W and so forth

11months MOT - tyres on minimum

Im open to reasoable offers, please dont take the mick!!


My mobile number is 07903 999 533, give us a call or txt. Car is based in NW LOndon, the car is sorned currently and has been since MArch 07