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BM 2.8 e36 estate
hay just wanna say hi to the rest of the enthusiast out ther hope to get sum great info for my e36 if ever needed .:D
Am sure i will stick this site is very good forum to every one its bit confusin tho lol but am sure it will become easier to use lol .
I'd be interested to hear a critical view of how confusing it is because I want to improve it.

Please post up your EXACT thoughts on how we can make it easier to use and I'll try and impliment the changes. Is it the structure the menu links or the posting controls in particular?
wel lol dont take it to heart but the shop doesnt seem to have alot for each make of vehicles . And the navigation of the site seems bit confussin in sum aspects ie going through the previous post that indivuals have wrote hope i dont sound to confusin lol oh yeah one more thin how come i am a greese monkey lol hope it helps .
Your not a grease monkey any more. Youve made it to wrench kid. More posts equal a better title!;) Took me a while to work that one out!

I do agree with Dan that there is not much in the shop Waynne.
Hi Dan, welcome to the forum.

If the shop is not broad enough for your liking, feel free to check out our sponsors website instead. As TorqueCars have teamed up with, go and have a look there: :bigsmile:
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They told me they were expanding their range in our on site store. Still not seen anything happening yet though. I'll keep you posted though. I'm also in discussions with some other suppliers at the moment.

TIP: If you click the black arrow to the left of the post in the main menu it will take you straight to the latest unread posts rather than to the beginning.

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