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jasper georgia
2018 optima 2.0 tur
i have a 2018 SXL Optima 2.0 turbo. bought it with 14 miles on it. now have 208412 miles on it. ben a great car still lots of pep in it. but times to do some mods to it.
looking to for several items if anyone can direct me to them. looking to lower the car with air struts and have not really found a lot and very pricy. was looking at coil overs but would rather just do it on air and be done with that part. i did order the Thornton chip and just installed it today, so i will update on that in a few weeks on what it has done. looking for performance muffler of some kind to flow an sound better than the stock muffler as it sounds very wimpy. needs a little something but have not found anything on that just yet. any help on that would be also appreciated.

i have updated the sound system in it. i put a DSP from Rockford in it. i have 2- 13" JLs, 1-12 " EVW's, 4- 6.5" JL, 4 JL tweeters, and 1 set of 6.5" components in the rear deck. Amp are 2- 4 channel 2500 watts, 1` - 10k black ice for the subs. total RMS is 9500. sounds rather amazing from rap to country and all in between.

hope to hear from you all on needed parts to continue my build

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