new ecu


skoda fabia vrs
Bought a stage 2 tuned ecu for my fabia vrs saw it s either a money maker to.resell or to fit on my own car the car it was previously fitted on was running just over 200 bhp and 350 torque he listed his mods that the ecu was tuned to do i copy what hes done? will it even work?
it wont be the best map for your car even if you do match part for part! cause a stage 2 map is a custom map so therefore tuned for that specific engine and its mods!

but my biggest worry would be will it work at all? cause the clocks, keys and ecu all have to be paired;)
Yeah just have to take it into skoda deaer itself n have it keyed in to the car the boke said that. But nt a big deal he said hes a mechanic himself so? But surely as for the other thing surely both engines would practically bevthe same if the mods are the same? :-$
hey!! i own a skoda octavia II 1.8 TSI, 160 BHP and i want to do a stage 1 remap..
i haven't installed any mods so is it advisable to do a remap... also as i am from india so the only fuel available to me is 91 RON....

will it work with that fuel and stock engine and also is good for the remap??

will i need to change my service routines after the remap?

pls advice
not personally firmiliar with the tsi,superchips are very reputable for such things so you wouldnt have a problem with them but as far as mods go the administrators are the best to speak to there isnt much they dont know between them mate
You should change oil more frequently after a remap and yes the servicing needs to be more frequent just to stay on the safe side.

A remap would free up a lot of power, ideally i'd try to get a custom remap done on a rolling road so you can get the car setup to run on your local fuel.

I'd be interested to know if your octane ratings are the same as ours in the UK.
Running a modern engine on low octane fuel can actually kill the engine. The octane reduces the risk of knock. If you have to use low octane fuel you are ok if you keep the revs down.

You'll find that different countries have different standards and the RON numbers actually vary wildly for the same fuel just based on the testing location/standards. This is why I think Indias 91 RON is probably the same as UK 95 RON.
Hey guys.. thanks for the replies..

But the remap is on hold now as the don't have off the shelf remap for 2010 models.

I had a chat with superchips, they said that the company changed the ECU in 2010 models and mine is one of them as i got it checked by sending the VIN Number.
After insisting a lot the guy said that i will have to take out the ECU and ship it to UK and then they will send it back in a week or so.

What really frustrates me is that we don't have pros like revo over here to do a custom remap. Half the guys over here don't even know what a remap is and ECU remap is not something to play with.

Don't know what to do now but i am certainly not going to ship my ECU to UK and have my car in the garage for a whole week.....
unfortunatly its probably your only option, the company wont send you their map - whats to stop you sending it on to others ?

another option might be try chipped uk
they do the self tune mapping (other companies also do similer things) where they send you the tuning device and you read your standard map and email it to them with what settings you want - economy, performance or race - and they send you the files back.
they way it works is that you can only put the new maps on while the standard map is stored on the device. so you cant put the performance one on yours then go to a friends with it and try and put the same map on theirs.

again you would have to see if they have the maps avalible for your model and there is still the possibly that they need to remap on a bench - you would be without the ECU for a while

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