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ford ikon 1.3
hey guys i tried drifting on my friend's hyundai santro for the first time. it was cool but i didnt know the exact technique. just flicked the steering and lifted the handbrake. the car just turned around 90deg.:bigsmile: i was delighted, but on a serious note i wish to learn the correct technique for the 180deg turn and the scandinavian flick and if possible the 180 deg fhandbrake + the reverse flick:p
It's about balancing the power and timing the steering inputs. In a good RWD car you should start off practicing doing donuts then figure 8's. When you've nailed this try setting the car up for a 90 degree turn learning when to apply opposite lock to straighten up. :cool:
If it's FWD then don't bother trying. :(
i learnt how to controlle a drift very quickly in my old car is great fun when you can hold one and your not panicing as you know your in controlle and so easy to correct aswell
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