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Well I had an 08 plate Peugeot 308 1.6 vti with the BMW EP6 engine, the same one they put the the mini, to say the least, it was a nightmare to start with, timing chain and nightmare of an oil leak from the oil filter housing, but once all the issues were sorted, she was a brilliant car, and never gave me any further problems, anyway it's just been written off after someone pulled out in front of me last Sunday morning.

So now onto the subject, I'm looking at a fully loaded Peugeot 208 allure 62 plate, it says it has full service history, with 90k on the clock, it's 1.4 petrol, I just found out it has the EP3 engine, is there anything I should look out for when going to look at it and test drive ?, its a 2012 car, just wondering if by then, they had ironed out the problems that affected my 308 ?

Im also looking at another Pug 208, this is the feline, 1.6 petrol, 58K on the clock, comes with the EP6C engine also a 62 plate ? but no service history, however, comes with 3 months warranty on the engine and gearbox.

I can get a 1.2 with only 30k on the clock for about the same price, in fact there's loads of them going very cheap with very low mileage which makes me suspicious, upon googling that particular model, 1.2, it seems they have quite a serious issue with the crackshaft float or something like that, it basically requires a new engine, and the 1.4 Devrs seem to have a history of eating clutches although derv is no good to me anyway as I don't do enough mileage to even get it warmed up each morning, the egr will be blocked in no time.

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Just make sure there is a full service history, and not just a few oil changes.. The service record says a great deal about the condition of the car. I'd go with the 1.4 personally, as the 1.6 does not have a service history, a massive red flag for me!

The 1.2's are slow and not that economical compared with what the 1.4 offers, the low mileage will help reduce the risk of crankshaft wearing.

If I had a clutch eater, I'd just fit a performance clutch, then with a remap you'll have the best outcome. Clutches tend to go with driver abuse, riding or slipping the clutch. Using a good fuel cleaner like the BG range will keep the DPF free and stop the EGR from coke up.

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