My miserable car...


Saudi arabia
Chevy Epica 2.0 Fwd

Once upon a time there was a chevrolet epica 2008 that lost an engine and transmission then was left in an empty lot for several years
Then i saw the car and and said i want it cuz its probably cheap
So i got a 2010 epica engine and put it in the car and a 2010 transmission (2010 is the last year the epica produced) the transmission had lots of issues so i instead got a 2008 transmission to get it running fine

After about 7 months with this car i can say its pretty fun to drive this thing... But its a 2.0L 6 cylinders 24valves and it makes 140 hp. that i dont like so im thinking about doing some upgrades to the car to give it more power and make it a unique and special car that stand out i want to install a turbo
But im not that experienced to go and do it alone
I want to get the most power i can from a turbo in the safest way.
My questions are:
What size turbo do i get
how does the turbo cooling works and how do i install it
Does it matter if the pipes are custom made or bought from a known performance company
So basically i need all the knowledge i can get about turbos

Thank you all