My first scooby


i have just bought a 1996 uk spec scooby turbo for £1900 quid ,can any one tell me if i can fit a dump valve to it, and what sort of mods can i do to it, its got a stanless exhaust but every thing else is standard ;);):toung::toung:


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Hi there marcscoob and welcome to TorqueCars. I had to put my sunglasses on to read your post! Is it red by chance?

Sounds like a good price, is it in good condition?

You can add a dump valve to it. Mods wise you have so much to choose from. Most owners start with a sports exhaust and an induction kit. Then you can get it remapped, add a larger turbo, improved intercooler etc. It all depends how much you want to spend.

Brakes are quite important on a car like this - this should really be your first upgrade if you plan to up the power.;)

When you get to 10 posts you'll have to post up some pictures of it for us - we'd love to see it.


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Welcome Marcscoob,

There are soooo many things you can do to the Scooby it'll make youwallet hurt and your head spin. Among the more common and straight forward things to be played with you could go for:
Swap the air box for an induction kit. K&N57i and Green are very popluar but if you have deep pockets you could go for something more exotic like HKS.
Exhaust with polished innards, 2.5-3" bore, option on de-cat pipe.
Like Waynne said; improve the intercooler. Quite a few are relocated to the fron t of the engine bay and sold as FMIC (front mounted intercooler). This has a nice visual side effect of introducing several shiny metal pipes to the underside of your bonnet.
Bigger turbo will cost more than the all those I listed above and then a boost controller will be another couple of hundred.
Switchable ECU is another popular one.
Upgrade, plugs, leads, injectors, fuel pump, you name it, it can be done. To whet your appetite have a look at some of these:
I could go on...

Have fun:bigsmile: