My 407 customization exercise completed


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Peugeot 407
At last, I have finally completed the customization of my ride, the last of which recently was a remapping exercise. As far as I'm concerned, the car doesn't need any more mods. The total customization package turned my car from a stock 407 into a totally different lion with emphasis on torque rather than power and better cornering plus improved anti body-roll abilities yet with emphasis on comfort. One thing I am aware is the ECU "educates" itself daily on the driver's style of driving thus ever since remapping, the adaptation I was told should stabilize by the next day but it seems the car is improving on a weekly basis and the engine seems to get punchier and more responsive as days go by. I think the 407's ECU is a bit of a slow learner but eventually catches up with the driver's style of driving. I, of course, am enjoying daily commuting with the 407 as she is my workhorse.


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Awesome work, it does take a while for an ECU to adapt and learn, it is a continual process with each refuel of different fuel types and in different weather conditions.

Do you know what your new power and torque figures are?
that's what it is all about !! modding until your completely satisfied with the ride, power delivery, response etc.....
enjoy clocking up them km's my friend !!!!

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