Must a car in the UK carry a spare


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As the spare is tested in the MOT I wondered if it was actually a requirement to carry a spare tyre in your car.

Many new cars don't and you get a tyre repair kit instead. What is the law regarding this?
If a spare is present it must conform to the current guidelines for tyre legalities as defined by the DFT.

Tread depth, sidewall condition and type of tyre (crossply or radial) all come into play.

A car will pass the UK MOT test without a spare tyre, but will not pass with one that is illegal!
Sorry, incorrect.

Spare tyre IS NOT PART OF THE MOT and does not have to conform to ANY regulations. The regs only come into play IF the tyre is fitted to the car's axle.

This is a common myth.
That's really annoying because I thought that, then checked it online and managed to verify the myth! You can't trust anything. I'm glad we've got Old Git - he does know stuff. :)
:) It depends on where you look, don't believe everything you read on forums :)

It is part of the curse of being a pedant. I don't take anything as true until I have checked myself.

Quote from MOT testers manual:

4.1 Tyres

Tyres fitted to the road wheels only. The vehicle presenter should be informed when it is noticed that there is a defective tyre on a spare wheel.

However, the spare wheel doesn't form part of the test so a defecive one isn't a reason for a fail.

The MOT is a test of the car's roadworthyness as presented. The spare wheel isn't in use so has no bearing on the car's roadworthyness at that time. You could have a boot full of old wheels and tyres but this wouldn't be a reason to fail the car.[/QUOTE]

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