Meet other AMG owners here


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Deal, Kent UK
A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
Post up an intoduction here if you are an AMG owner. Have you done or are you planning any modifications to your car?
I am an AMG owner and plan to slam it let it breath give it nice shoes and tidy it up a little, I currently drive a C32 AMG and plan 19" chrome, quad exhaust, UK Cat, K&N, general tune up and lower, I love the way it beats most cars Porsches, BMW M3, Audis, Scoobies, Mitsubishis, Jaguars no one expects it from a 4 door saloon :)
Hi there whitebits and welcome to TorqueCars. Good to have you along, sounds like you are a big car nut like us!

I like your plans for the car. You'll have to post up some pics for us when you get to 10 posts!;)
i recently lost my 600 sel amg that had been treated to a nice lorinser package. it was only a 1991.. but it had 117km on it ! i will miss it very much!! nothing rides the same as a 600 sel at 250 km/hr...

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