Looking to buy a rallye


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Good cars, handle extremely well and are very light from the factory.

Check for rust.... rusty ones have been crashed so either walk away or budget for repairs... personally I would walk away.

Check the rear beam is still in good condition, do this buy checking theres not noises coming from the rear and that there is no excessive rear camber on the wheels, second hand good nick rear beams aren't particually expensive and can be changed over easily but beware when buying second hand ones as always... rebuilds cost a lot.

Peugeots aren't known for there electricals so makes sure that everything works.

Also check the heater works and that it has been well maintained as it will have been driven hard...


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Do you want a 106 or 306? Personally I like the MK1 106 1300cc Rallyes, beware lots have been thoroughly mullered with naff body kits & the whole of Halfords Ripspeed section bolted on.

Many are now high mile-ers & some will have had engine swaps, normally to a larger capacity some have the Mi16 engine.
Waynne will hate me for saying this, but look for cars for sale on the owners club forums as their more likely to have been looked after & you can trace the some the cars history through sellers previous WIPS & posts.
Lastly, watch out for fakes! :D
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