Large hike in premiums


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Most drivers are experiencing quite large hikes in premium this year. Some are renewing early to avoid larger price rises down the line.

Other than a modest increase in Tax I can't find any reason or explanation as to why this would be the case, can you see a reason?
Mine went from £210 last year to £240 renewal last month. Shopped around and got it down to £185 with breakdown, legal and personal injury thrown in. Result :woot:
We have to remember that the financial services industry employs thousands of people who have lost out during the ongoing recession. Shareholders are struggling to top up their multi-million pound overseas accounts and face the risk of paying their own tax bills if we don't support them in this vital way.
Mine went down this year. As did my wifelet's.

There are many real world factors in insurance premiums, but like most things in life, they will get more expensive over time. Inflation is a MF.
Ours haven't gone up, but also haven't gone down despite no claims of any kind.

One annoying thing Sheila's Wheels just did to the missus was they added misfuelling and key cover onto the renewal quote without her asking for it.

Seemed like a way to con people out of some cash, as a lot of people do just renew without checking.
Yep need to check everything these days. Saying that I just noticed another inclusion on my new policy that uninsured driver cover is also included, what was my previous insurer doing as this policy is way better
I thought all British car insurance coys charge a premium (something like 5%) to cover uninsured drivers, it’s a little trick imported from America and shows the value of lobbyists in Parliament.

It gets my goat that, after charging you an extra premium specifically for uninsured motorist cover, some of them still ding your No Claims Bonus if you get hit and make a claim. - b’strads the whole lot of them.
That is the MIB compensation scheme, they only pay out if you yourself are not covered for the damage someone else has done and it takes ages or at least it used to for payments to come through.

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