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I received a new car stereo that ordered from China, then I try to make a short view:

This product was found from the link:
But I bought from factory directly, save a lot.

Start now by saying that the radio has met my expectations and their web site descriptions.
The product has a built-in WinCE but connects to an Android box ,store in a drawer, that is a real PC android with all the features.

Obviously the result is satisfied, because the other features are all standard and meet the description.
1, Adjustable RGB backlight: I have adjusted to the red as the default color of car radio.
2,Chrome trim for your car stereo as decoration.
3,1024x600 resolution:Compared with my previous radio 800*600 resolution,the resolution is truly outstanding.
4,Audio:the quality and power of sound are outstanding.
5,RDS and AF function: Running!(tested yesterday on the highway)
6,USB for original socket: working
7, Steering wheel control: working
8, The parcel come with a canbus box.
9,Capacitive touch screen:the screen is a tablet of latest generation and it no dazzle from external light.
10.USB socket: Except original USB socket, there are another USB adapter cable, can accept all of pendrive and hard-disk.
11.Android box:It is the power of CAR PAD II. Put Android box into the drawer and connect it to the car radio with a HDMI cable. Mini-HDMI was used for data input. You can find a 8G SD card and a mini SD slot from Android box.

The UI of WINCE need to improve. As usual, do not display the belts of emergency-airbag.

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