Is car styling dying out


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Do you think that car styling is dying out or is it just becoming more subtle?

Years ago you saw loads of cars around with bodykits and fancy paint jobs, but there doesn't seem to be as many on the road.


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A few reasons Waynne.

1 - Jobs pay no more than they did 8 years ago. But Fuel has close to doubled, house prises have gone up, and a loaf of blinkin hovis is £1.30. Kids who earn haven't got enough to go buy plastic for the outside of their cars.

2 - Since the numberplate rule was reinforced about 5 years ago (meaning you have to have a standard plate) coppers have checked there rule book and started pulling over lads with body kits on and checking insurance docs

3 - People are more interested in there Iphones and Ipads and apps and facebook, to care what there cars look like.

4(my biggest point) - The government and insurance companies and banks have won. A lot of young drivers now can not afford to insure a clapped out 1.1 saxo or a rusted 1.4 escort. So they buy a new car and pay monthly. This way they will get a deal with free insurance and the safety of the warrante. BUT - That means they cant alter the car's exteria in any way!


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Clever and crap at the same time....

Put more people in debt but stops chavy cars.

But yeah jobs do pay slightly more but fuel bills have gone up loads more....
and house prices.... I'm sorry but there's no "normal" house in this country that is worth £100,000 I bet the materials are worth only 1/10th of that. Same could be said about some cars.


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well i love styling cars and bikes but your right its a die'n fad. mostly in america because 1 in 10 people are jobless and younger people are lazy and don't feel like working on there car to make it one of kind or mind blowing. lots of the car shows I have been to recently are just old guys in classics or showing off there new Corvette or viper that's just a stock version and they'll never even take it out of fourth gear. If i had a dollar for every old rich fart that was driving a new high end sports car out here on the coast of North Carolina USA Id have my viper by now lol ya know. sorry to have ranted.


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What Joe said is right, I do think though that car styling is getting more subtle, but then again, I can see it being more expensive.

Before it was all big bodykits which you could get cheap or knocked off from a mate, now its all coilovers, arch rolling, big wide alloys and smoothing. Both styles cost alot of money, but remember if you smooth a car and dont put a big bodykit on its easier to put back to standard for selling.