Improved performance for 2021 Ignis


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Suzuki Swift SZ4
When i first bought this car after having a swift i noticed when leaving the showroom the car was not very lively
i asked what fuel was put in the tank and was told it was Texaco 95 octane with 10% ethanol..
I must be clear to any Knowledgeable car enthusiasts that with this car with a compression ratio of 13 to 1
that this fuel is simply not really suitable despite the manufacturers say so . (Swift is 12 to 1 )
Although the engine management will adjust timing etc it will not give the performance for a 99 octane fuel
after i used half a tank of the 95 RON i then went to 99 RON SHELL SUPER and the car just responded
so much better.. Since with full tank of 99 RON i get better response and better MPG and better pulling
power. I have tried getting a free flow panel filter from ITG and other sources but none are made for this car
But all is not lost, the air filter appears to be made of a compressed material and not paper it seems
and it is rubbish very small and very restrictive so solution:- get a large darning needle and with just the tip
put about 50 tiny holes into filter the holes are too small to cause any problems but the additional air now
coming into engine has given it a new lease of life... and for those clever people that say you don't wanna do that
i remind them that in the old days a filter was just some crumpled wire mesh lightly oiled which would let
much greater dirt etc get into engine than small puncture holes in a modern filter and BTW when the needle is withdrawn
you cannot see the tiny puncture holes.. You may wonder why these manufacturers stick the air-box right over the engine
with all the heat induction which tells you they are not so smart and are doing what comes easily from cost and time
it's always about money in the end. I haven't timed it but the 0 to sixty time has definitely improved.
ITG= INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY GROUP COVENTRY very helpful people. also do cabin filters made for your car
with an original sample provided by you..
Good luck Vincent

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