I'm selling my Koolart business :)

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Hi Guys.

Right, after nearly 6 years of selling Koolart through a proper licence I have a job offer that's too good money to miss out on which will leave me no time to attend car shows for selling.

The business was very easy money as I only did big shows and club shows at the weekends and still brought home about £600 per week after expenses. Our best show was a BMW show last summer and I brought home £1150 in 2 days after expenses

The beauty of what i'm selling is that you wouldn't have to buy the licence to sell them for quite sometime. About a month ago I decided to build my stock up by printing off about 2500 A3 prints which I still have plus about another 1000 that I bought when I first got the licence. There are loads of alloy wheel clocks, frames, mugs, rugs plus so much more. Oh and there is a Lexmark A3 Colour Laser printer with cartridges worth about £3000 as well. So going by the price an individual print sells for (£6.99 is the price for individual, i sold them for £4.99 and actally got more business) there roughly £15,000 worth of prints alone, then about another few grands worth of merchandise.

As far as the licence goes there is no bad side to this sale. There is nothing legal wise entailed in selling all of this stuff off as it has already been bought in at trade price from Koolart themselves. There for there is 2 ways you can go. Either sell all of this then think about the licence towards the end (you will get a CD collection with the licence that contains everything you need to make prints, then it's up to you if you want clothes press or mug press) or you can buy the stuff at trade price which doesn't include a licence and just sell them on. This is the score with my stuff, it's already payed for so there instantly over £15,000 profit

This entire collection is stored in a dry place at the moment but can be viewed at anytime as i'm working from home now. Now here comes the good bit. I've been doing this long enough to have made my money back and then some by far, so this enables me to sell all of this stuff off as a job lot for very cheap to what it's worth. I'm asking for £2000ono, yes thats right, that will leave a massive profit for whoever buys the stuff.

It was a very very enjoyable job doing nothing but going to car shows as small as kit car shows at the Agricultural College or the Autosport Internation Show or Max Power at the NEC. Talking to lots of peeps about a subject you love, cars. And generally have a laugh.

A full wage can be earned just by working 2 days a week which could be done as a part time job just to bring in some decent extra cash.
Unfortunately I don't even think I can fit everything onto the space of 1 memory card so instead i'll provide a short list of the items I have plus a link to Koolart themselves (which has the page about licencing if you decide to continue selling) as there is just too much to list individually.

2500+ A3 Print of Virtually every one (there are over 3000 different designs in the Koolart Collection)
Alloy Wheels Wall Clock ( I have large and medium ones)
Frames (in black or silver)
Koolart wall posters (one of which was the best selling poster at Virgin Megastores back in 2008)
Koolart Rugs.
Roughly over 40 Koolart Mugs all printed up so no need for a press just yet)
Lexmark Colour A3 Laser Printer
A3 Laminator (these were very popular as we offered the customers print for £1.50 extra they could have it laminated)
200+ desktop R/C cars (these sold for £5.00 or 2 for £10 and were extremely popular even with the adults lol)
Blank mouse mats ready for pressing (i did these with an iron)

Here is the link for Kooart so you can have a look at the prices and licencing yourself:- http://www.koolart.co.uk/

So as you can see there is alot of moneys worth in this collection and let me remind you that there are no legal ties with this sale, the licencing was already payed for as it is MY left over stock after paying the licence for 6 years and koolart offers a trade price offer where you can just buy off them and do what ever you want with it

The money i'm asking for is certainly more than fair so once again, looking for £2000ono. Feel free to asking any question and i'll be more than willing to answer them, also if anyone wants to see any part of this collection or what individual item you wish, just say and i'll take a pic of it for you

Thanks for looking, BAD63R


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the suzuki cappacino picture is actualy one i comisioned for my wife's birthday a few years back when she owned one.
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