ICE Question?


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Honda Civic EG
Hi all,

I have been looking at car's to get recently and have settled on A Saxo.

Just wondering what you size amp I will need compared to the sub that I put in. I'm not sure what I will get yet so any that are recommended would be great!

Also, is there places/compaines that I could go to that will fit it for me? As although I have some (by that I mean very little) experience in fitting it myself (all I ever did was watch a neighbour fit a set to his Corsa last year)!


OK thanks :D

Was wondering if to buy just the cone or by one thats inclosed? A mate brought just the cone and made an inclosure for it. Does it damage sound quality or does buying it with inclosed mean it only has to be fitted and no extra work done?


if you buy it encloused or in a ported box its ready to go in.

if you buy the sub itself you can build the box for it allowing you to tune for certain frequencies
or if your wanting something a bit more special you can crack out the fibreglass and carpets some 35x35mm and alot of sand paper
yer it is but i made one and it was ok but needed work then i just started to disign this and it didnt cost that much 25pound and i had the speakers from the old one but if u have an idea draw it measure the boot then work at it u will feel better at the end of it

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