How to clear a blocked DPF


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DPF Filter problems "Turning off the DPF warning light." What is a DPF? It is a particulate filter and helps to reduce the harmful particles which come from a diesel exhaust. The filter essentially catches the harmful unburnt particles and when the engine gets hot enough it burns them off. The DPF is located within the exhaust system, […]

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When dealers force a regen cycle does this require removal from the car? Or is it something they can do whilst the dpf is still in the car.

I think at around 80% blocked you need the help of a garage, most cars will be in limp home mode at this point. If anyone knows differently for sure I'd be curious to know.
I was looking at Autotrader the other day, at a Pug 407 estate and I read this review from a taxi driver who'd done like a million miles in his and said that he would have his DPF removed and cleaned out with traffic film remover rather than paying a dealer 600 quid for a new one.

Makes you wonder.
People clean them in all sorts of ways, high pressure jet wash lance has been mentioned.

A dealer regen is an on car process.

My 2001 (yes 2001) Peugeot 406 2.2 had a 1st generation DPF which use a fuel borne chemical catalyst to make regeneration easier. These systems, despite need sixty quid's worth of Eolys (Rhodia) every 50,000 miles or thereabouts, proved to be far less problematic than the more recent passive systems.
My Golf had a dealer regeneration shortly after we bought it. Took half hour and cost £80. Having used the Power Enhancer BG244 stuff since I swear by it now. Put a can in each year at service and the starting issues and warning light hasn't come back since. Power Enhancer do a stronger additive Arqoil 600 I think it's called for completely blocked units.
BG244 is good stuff. Wynns produces a variety of diesel additives (get the black bottle pro ones, not the purple bottle consumer ones), many of which use a cerium compound to lower the temperature at which accumulated soot ignites. Strangely this exactly the same chemical compound found in Rhodia's (formerly Rhone-Poulenc) Eolys! I have a suspicion that Wynns Diesel Power 3, Diesel Clean 3 and DPF regenerator are all exactly the same but marketed as separate products to increase the appeal of the product and maximise sales.

Two stroke oil is a good additive to use with diesel fuel, 1:200 dilution in the tank when refuelling. You must use low ash 2T oil, and you must avoid fully synthetic ones.

Avoid supermarket diesel.

I have a liking for BP Ultimate. This suits the Passat nicely. The PD engines (esp the 16 valve ones) are a bit 'industrial' in nature and BP Ult does calm down the combustion noise a bit. 2 stroke oil is also very very good at reducing engine noise.

I also used BP Ult in the 2.2 HDi Peugeot and found it to be an excellent fuel.

I fling Wynns DPF cleaner though my non-DPF periodically to help shift accumulated crud on the turbo vanes. Not that it gets much chance to accrue crud, I do drive it sensibly ie. not changing up stupidly early and not lingering in high gears. Plus most of my journeys are on open roads, always a good thing.

Most diesel cars are bought for economy but ironically the best way to keep the engine performing at its best, and most economically, is to drive in such a manner that is not automatically conducive to best fuel economy!!
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