Home Cinema projector in BMW


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When people start talking about ICE they are usually thinking along the lines of big speakers loads of amps and lots of noise. In recent times the addition of a screen to play the odd DVD is also getting popular with screen sizes of 7-9 inches*being popular. If you have a BMW then you, no doubt [...]

What do you think of this then? Is this your thing?
lol like something off pimp my ride, im sure they did something similar, but i have to say its not the ultimate,

the best one i saw was an inflatable american football screen, which popped out the boot inflated to something stupid like 40ft! and had an xbox 360 with dvd player connected up to it :o
imagine pressing the wrong button !! one minute you're driving along reaching to open the sunroof . . the next minute you're wrapped round a tree, but watching a film in high def !! :amazed::lol::lol::lol:
Waynne: "The tree might give the screen a 3d effect - so its not all bad."

It would make a brilliant cockpit for a driving simulator. Plug in the X box; make a few USB mods to the controls and off ya go!!
Hell yes! Why a simulator - beam live enhanced images from the road ahead and drive with the controller. No more arm ache - just a sore thumb from the accelerator button.

You could even get the car registered as "modified for disability!" and cite video game addiction as the reason. CHEAP TAX And cool driving interface.

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