Hi everyone and thanks for letting me join! I'm nuts about motors aswell as motorsports!!


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Vauxhall Astra mk4
I have been into anything mechanical from a young age. My Father owned a farm so was always curious about farm equipment and how it worked. I was always asking questions as to the workings of all the equipment on the farm. When machinery my father worked on repairing or setting up I often helped. I drove tractors when I was able to reach the pedals at about 12 but often sat inbetween my father when younger. Both my older brothers also had car and bike interests and I learned to drive bikes aged 6 on a Montesa trial bike. Both my father and my brothers were Ford nuts. When I left school I got a apprenticeship in a Engine reconditioning shop learning about repairing, machining parts aswell as building all types of engines. Even metal stitching and metal spraying worn hydraulic rams was learned about. I ended up specialising on cylinder heads. Welding and reshaping smashed combustion chamber's from mostly dropped or valve failures was my skill in repairing I was known for! My first car a Ford Escort mk2 was fitted by me with a highly tuned 2.0ltr Pinto running on a set of Weber 45's and dynoed at 196bhp. I then fitted all the rally equipment parts needed to go rallying. My first rally I came in second but first would've happened if my co- driver hadn't fluffed up. I was 18 and was a very fast natural driver. Next rally I came first by 35 seconds and was the youngest rookie to do so! My car and motorbike owning throughout my life is to much to go into. My collection is mostly bikes. The 1974 Z900 Kawasaki being my favourite. Second the RD350LC on Swarbrick expansion chamber's fitted with a Stan Stevens tuned engine and upside down forks aswell as a race swinging arm and shock. Wheels are Magnesium race one's with the brakes being Brembos. I'm really to old now to get near it's capabilities nowadays. But I do often ride it as I love the noise and the attention it gets. I'm near Silverstone and have seen 147mph when I had it on a track day. Was on the sprockets fitted for road use. On race sprockets it was lifting the front to easily. My car's that I have now are a old Mk4 Astra Estate sleeper that surprises modern car owners. Highly modified with a forged engine on twin injector throttle bodies with management. Dynoed at 8250rpm 223bhp with 143lbs torque. Major suspension upgrades also fitted. My money pit that makes me smile aswell as being a practical motor. Have dogs! Other car is a mint condition 1989 Nova. Try and get pics of them up soon as, and don't mind criticism!


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Well in all my years on this site that must be the best most informative1st post ever|B :)

As for calling yourself "old" you have a long way to go.:lol:

I feel sure that your wide field of expertise will come in handy for some of our members who may need assistance from time to time.|B