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Hi all, new to the forum!
Hope to be a casual user/member of your society!

I found your forum with a simple Google search, I'm going to be getting my first car soon, and I just searched cheap cars to insure or something similar and there was a well written write up about getting your first car.

I should have mentioned earlier, I am Kai :)

Hi Kai and a warm welcome to TorqueCars, glad you found us.

Feel free to ask any questions you like and we'll all do our best to help you out as best we can.

Do you have any cars on your shortlist?
Thanks!! VERY Welcoming!

I'd love a Civic, one of the older '98 - '00 models, no torque in them haha but I have a real soft spot for Honda's!. . . insurance was a killer though, the 1.4 was around 1600 at cheapest, and I was hoping to get the 1.6 Type R with 185BHP haha!. . . more than the car would be worth. . . checked out others and tbh nothing takes my fancy, might go with a diesel for the torque, but they're no fun without turbos from what I hear, and that'd boost more than the engines power. . .
hey and welcome.
hondas are very torque shy without FI however the high redlines allow better use of power and of course the vtec

diesels without turbos ? not many of them about. diesels however normally offer cheaper insurance
For my budget, and as it'll be my first car I'm thinking atleast over 10 years old.
Some of the older more prehistoric diesels were without turbos as i've been warned?

I do like torque, from what I've experienced with small cars (My experience is smaller than the cars themselves), more hp oriented cars are much better as you get up into the higher revs, with without torque and power, it seems to just take car too long to build up into the power, it's just not usable. Given most of my driving is in traffic too and from college a diesel would be pretty good with it's low down stopping and starting power, more economic and of course insurance is a real bonus. . . My biggest fear is losing any no claims bonus I save up and having to stick with what seems to be at least 4 figures for under powered hatches!
try looking at the companies that do bonus policies ie 10months for 1 year and dont drive like a twat - not directly at you just most young uns will try and be smart

10 year old most will still have turbos but wont have the higher pressure common rail setup for injection meaning less power.

torque is more low revs oriented and power is more top end. diesels also normally have a smaller power band however they have longer gearing to make the best use of it.

economy in a diesel isnt so great in a town driving. motorway is a different matter ;)
Hi mate, your in the same boat as me. Whats your price range? If your not in any real hurry, I would wait and just do some general searching until the right car comes along. You might find if you wait for 2 months instead on 2 days, then the perfect car for you will just turn up!
I'd say I have around 5k which includes insurance, and my mum said she'd be happy to help if I get a car and not a motorbike. But as my first car, I wouldn't wanna spend more than 1500 and I feel like I'm being raped by the insurers if I have to pay more than a grand for a tiny hatch! so really in total all I wanna spend is 2500 max! Reasonable budget I think :D How about you Choness?
That is one very big budget, you can get yourself a quality first car with that sort of money. I'm looking at cars around the £500 mark as I have a £2000 budget, with the cheapest insurance I can find at £1440, its pushing it abit!
Hi and welcome Kai. To you and Chroness, have you thought about classic cars, talking 20 years plus old. Mini's, escorts something along that vein or even older like triumph spitfires etc as these are cheap to buy and easy to maintain. There are specialist insurance companies that will take the view you will actually look after these cars because of what they are and reflect that in the premiums. Big write up a while ago in the classic magazines (Practical classics etc) loads of specialist insurers in there. Just a thought and another plus point is you can sell the car for what you paid for it or even get more back as the classic value market is different to the general run of the mill car ranges.

Good luck with the search

Yeah Choness, It's my life savings haha. . . don't wanna spend it all on my first car, but means if I find a car I like, I can buy it with a better spec and perhaps have some money for mods, maintenance and of course petrol/tax.

Thanks Andy!
Yeah, I thought about a classic car, I'm doing a motor mechanics level 2 course at college at the mo, and there is a classic car club next door restoring what I think is a spitfire or something similar!
Only problem is running costs, simple cars and maintenance but expensive parts and engineering wise are not as reliable as many newer cars.
I was interested in a mini, but the insurance is bizarrely high, also from what I know they are rare to come by with low miles, and the engines are spent with as little as 50k on the clocks. . . I have thought about it, knowing as a first car I won't be going much over 20k in the time I'd own it, but fuel efficiency is pretty bad!

All this being said, I don't wanna be in a boy racer car like a Saxo or Corsa, I'd like something more grown up and diesel.
Things are going to wear out I agree but as for cost of parts modern machines are just as expensive and if you get into the club scene then you usually get good discounts or someone is selling the part you want. The cheaper purchase of the car and insurance outway the day to day running costs and i always say, when I get into my 20 year old porsche I feel a whole lot happier then my 3 year old golf GT TDI and at the end of the day thats what it's all about for me any way. The 80's cars are a pretty good drive and should still be fairly reliable. VW Golf mk2/3 for example. Low mileage isn't always the best thing, condition and service history is. My 944 has 170000 miles on it and was still dyno'd at factory spec 250bhp just before I had the recent mods put on. Condition is everything.

Have fun searching my friend your first car is the one you'll always remember :)

Your not the only one that doesn't want to be the same as everyone else, I was looking at a Hyundai Accent and that takes some serious thought to get parts for it. I don't know what your plan is, but I intend to keep my first car for at least 3-4 years, as long as its what I want.

My only concern with Mini is, as you say, the engine seems to die after about 50k on the clock. If you wait around and look on ebay and places for long enough, you can find some with about 20k, I just want to know whats been going on with them all these years. If you want a Mini though, go for a Rover Mini instead on an Austin as its cheaper insurance.

I have to say Andy, I adore your 944 Turbo. I think with or without the mods it is an amazing car. An uncle of mine let me drive his classic XJS a few months back and it drives so much better than my other uncles Jaguar Estate. I don't know about you, or anyone else on here, but the style of classic cars, and the sound is so much better than the modern counterparts.

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