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Hi All

As part of my new Transit Connect project I am looking for a good set of 2 single front seats that will fit into a 2019/20 Ford Transit Connect.
Has anyone done this or any ideas what might fit, or a set for sale.

Again based on our research, some have said that the focus seats will fit the Connect. But we've not verified this. The only thing we've done is change the angle of the front seats. the seat part sits back and tilted up at the front causing lower back pain and pinch points along the legs and hips. In order to correct this we added 50mm skateboard wheels under the frame rails. With longer bolts and leaving the same bolts intact in the front frame rail, this raised the rear of the seat and pushed forward the back rest. We're now able to drive more conformably for a longer period of time.
I don’t know why people are even talking to you, you just keep posting the same copy and pasted comment over and over. All of your questions are personal questions that only you can answer and even further when I look at your page all of your posts are about common sense questions a child could answer. Stop resorting to Reddit for questions like these and do some research

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