Haynes' Manuals.


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Poole, UK
'98 JDM Impreza STI
I thought it was about time I got one for my Scooby, so I went straight to the source, Haynes' own website.

They have a search by reg option. I wasnt overly hopeful of this working as nothing finds my car from these types of searches (because they are just pulling data from the DVLA and the DVLA have my car as "Subaru Silver" which is really unhelpful).

Yep, they couldn't find it, but they did try to sell 3 different years & models to me.

Next I thought I would use the manual search. Here Haynes' declared that 1998 Imprezas just didn't exist: unnamed.png
It was a Legacy or nothing.

A tad annoying but they also have a contact email if one cant find something.

After explaining that their website refused to believe in the existence of 1998 Imprezas (I'm pretty sure they exist, I drive one) I was given a reply to say they do not do a manual for my car but I may be interested in the American model version as it has the same engine.....

No, it doesn't.

I didn't engage further with this person as they clearly don't know the difference between UK, J, and USDM cars.
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