having a playstation in the car?


Honda Civic EG
i want to put two rear headrest screens in my car and connect a playstation into it but is there any possible way of splitting the signal between the screens when playin multiplayer so that one screen is for one player?

i have seen this kind of thing on pimp my ride when they put like 10 screens in a van and each played a little segment of the screen so it made a big screen altogether

i dont know if i've explained it properly but i couldnt think how to word it

does anyone know if it is possible
ye i suppose 2 ps2's is the best option and u can pick them up for next to nothing now

i would like to have a ps3 or 360 in it but for that money i could buy some new rims and secondly im afraid of vibration from the car damaging them
i was running one ps2 under the passengers seat and connected to a moniter where the cdplayer was, cd player was moved down to where the ashtray was ( 5dr looks different to the coupe ) had it running for around a year before removing it with no issues, it now resides in my bedroom as a dvd player since mines finally gave up.

But you would need 2 ps2 to get seperate screens. the single output could easily be split by using a phono Y piece thats mainly used to split the audio to 2 amps, however both screens would display the same image
That would work if the game has a split screen mode but playing on a small screen which has been divided in 2 is not easy.

I've seen ps2s around for £50.
But PS2s are old...which will show that you haven't done it properly and got PS3s. I know the price difference is huge but PS2s are dated now. Another couple of things that will probably need sorting out first though...tint the windows so people can't see you have consoles and monitors in the back of the car...and upgrade the security.
Is this for the current Civic? I thought you were looking at getting a new car?

ye i will hopefully get a newer civic soon but until then im just gonna do modifications which can be removed and put in the new car as and when i get it, i.e no bodykits as the fitting will be different and will therefore be a waste of money

you mentioned on another thread about gettin a b18c5 engine + fitting for £2000. where from. i've seen it on a site in america but its about £2500 and will be about £500 or so for fitting wont it?
For the engine conversion the best bet is to find a place that will source and fit the engine..it may cost slightly more but you have a much better guarentee. For the conversion alone I would say you'll need about £2000-£4000 (up to £4000 for back up money...just in case).

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