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new zealand, auckland
'75 mk1 ford escort
hey i just bought a mk1 escort which has a 1600 crossflow block number 711m6015ba and sadly it has a buggered gearbox and finding a 1600 mk1 gearbox is starting to become a pain in the ass, so im just wondering if a mk2 1300 gearbox would fit as they are quiet easy to find, and if it dose would i have to make and alterations??

thanks carl
It will bolt straight on, allthough the gearing may be a little shorter, you can even use a 5 speed gearbox out of a sierra if you use the bell housing of your box.
hahah thank you soooo much i can now get my lil baby back on the road!!!!

shall be back with some more questions or statements of how how my baby scorts going..

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