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Subaru b4 RSK TT
Just joined the site, recently purchased a Subaru Legacy B4 RSK Twin turbo,
Its a fantastic car, Insurance a bit pricey but worth it.
Any ideas on upgrades/modding it would be welcome.

Its a sequential turbo with the larger one 'kicking in' at 3500rpm, then it just snaps your head clean off!

Question is?
Would it be possible to swop out the smaller turbo for the identical larger one and then remap using a piggyback ecu to try and eradicate the VOD as much as possible?
Any thoughts ideas welcome
May I as the site admin wish you a very warm welcome to TorqueCars. It is really nice to meet you and I hope you'll be spending some time with us over the months to come.
You'll find us one of the friendliest and most helpful car tuning forums around.

What plans do you have for your car? I'm sure we can give you lots of ideas and suggestions if you need any.

If you do what you suggest you will end up with quite a bit of turbo lag. I'd hybrid the smaller turbo's internals if I were you.

Do feel free to chip in on our other topics and discussions, we are all here to share our passion for cars. Being friendly and helpful is a forum rule here and I'm sure you'll fit in just fine.

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