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Fuel Saving Tips

Whilst studying full time in University I work part time as a pizza delivery boy! Each night I cover about 60 miles and use £10 which is about 35 mpg. But this isnt good enough! My income is based on the amount of fuel I dont get mileage allowance, so the less fuel I use, the more I take home every night.

General Tips & Advanced Tips welcome.

My plans are to:

Drive normal & slower by keeping the revs low and drive in 5th whenever possible *

Remove my pipercross airfilter (when im delivering) **

Also, anything I can do or buy, just suggest it! But please make sure its a tried & tested method and not just rumours :)

Thanks in Advance,

Craig / Pixel.

* Any tips on how to drive in fuel saving mode?
** What should I get instead? standard ford air filter?
Running the engine hotter will help so block off the radiator but keep an eye on the temperaure. Soem where i read that adding a hotter thermostat will also help. Also avoid breaking try and coast to a stop this can save quite a bit of fuel.
Pump your tyres up. If you put your induction kits cold air feed near the exhaust/radiator you will be sucking in warm air which generally makes the car run with less fuel (power is down) This way you just move the cold air intake to a cold position to get back the power.
No it just gowes from full to empty without going inbetween

blocking off part of the rad will allow the engine to warm up quicker, blocking off part of the piperx fiter will reduce the airflow to the engine as well - less air = less power

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