Fully adjustable Lotus/Triumph type wishbones for sale


Elan & Robin Hood
Wishbones that allow insitu camber adjustment are now available to order.

Material is 6082T6 aluminium with a certificate of conformity. The finish will be far better than shown in photos as all machining will be done using CNC.
Nuts are 1/2" UNF with a zinc and pasivate clear protective treatment. If you prefer to use a metric rod end this can be accommodated.
I am using these on my road legal Elan but am selling them for race use only.

Retail £135 each including nuts but plus shipping. Any import charges and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.
Wishbones can be clear anodised for an additional £20 each although this is not really necessary for race use as there isn't much salt used on the track

Discounts available for multiple sets.

I am not supplying the rod ends (rose joints) as there are many levels of quality (and price) readily available so I will leave that choice up to you

If you don't plan to modify your mounting studs to allow for caster adjustment then a spacer will be required between the rod end and the unthreaded section of the stud. I can't supply these as the thickness will vary due to chassis manufacturing tolerances. These don't show up when using rubber bushes but they do when using rod ends as there is no play in them. (as an aside, using different thickness spacers will allow a small amount of caster adjustment, allowing some fine tuning but at the expense of having to remove wishbones for each adjustment).

Although these are specifically designed for the Elan, wishbones to fit the Plus 2 are also available at £145 each. Wishbones for other cars using a similar set up can also be supplied based on the customer's specification and requirements. Please enquire re availability and pricing.

On receipt of 50% deposit manufacture takes around 3 weeks. On receipt of balance wishbones will be shipped via FedEx fully insured.

You will need longer bolts to attach wishbones to the top ball joint. I use M8 as opposed to the Standard 3/8" as they are a little bigger and fit the ball joint holes a little better. If you wish to stay with 3/8" I can adjust the wishbone bolt holes to suit at no extra charge.

If anyone is interested or requires for information, you can contact me either by PM on here or direct at SPBRaceParts@aol.com


Steve Broad
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