fuel octane

If the manufacturer specified Super unleaded then you should really stick to this.

If you have to use regular lower octane fuel then you should avoid high RPM engine speeds as the risk of detonation is increased.
It will run on 95, be fuel economy will decrease as will performance,

the best stuff to use would be Tesco 99 super, it's a good price and is better than shell v-power
I wouldn't buy tesco fuel either, ONLY this specific stuff.... Tesco 99 comes out top of performance tests all the time, above Shell v-Power as well which is the same octane rating,

Tesco 99 is specifically blended for Tesco and various motorsport teams, it isn't just some cheap crap like the rest of there fuel,

the only better fuel on the market (from a forecourt) is BP Ultimate 102RON (BP Ultimate is usually 97 RON) but that is very expensive at well over £2.00 per litre,

a fuel's octane rating isn't a clear indication of it's quality, like I said, proven in many test it's came out good,
In real world driving I have only heard bad comments about the tesco stuff.
My mum tried it in her Impreza only the other day and it ran like a bag of spanner.
It even made the car go as far as struggling to start. Seriously didn't like it. Scooby Clinic advise Shell V-Power for the Impreza but I think it runs best on BP.
I did see something about v-power in scoobys, they do make more power on v-power,

I still don't understand why it would run like a bag of spanners though on Tesco 99...
last owner serviced it at 30+k miles, shes on about 40k now. gonna change oil and filters soon, think my leaky backbox might be the fuel problem, then again the rear brakes were constantly "applied" untill i changed the pads < never own a c-max! :(
It will run on 95, be fuel economy will decrease as will performance,

the best stuff to use would be Tesco 99 super, it's a good price and is better than shell v-power
Waw, can't beleive i just read that, My car will misfire the minuit I put that stuff in it, Mine only likes V-power, its down on power with BP premium as well
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It may be a little excessive for some, but I have my little chariot serviced about every 10K and the oil and filter changed every 5K regardless of condition.
As for your car, there are so many garages that do Free Checks and Top Up's, that it does now make your motoring life a little easier when it comes to keeping an eye on things. ;)
I get rubbish performance and economy from supermarket fuel. I'm sure the cost difference between that and premium brand super unleaded is nil when you factor in the extra fuel economy you get on the branded fuel.

Run some BG44k through a tank and this should help clean the engine. Just doing mine at the moment and half way through the tank I am quite pleased with the results.

A lot of people tend to report that Tesco 99 is really good stuff,
A friend of mine drives fuel tankers for a living and tells me that petrol and diesel that is sold in supermarkets is exactly the same as branded stuff, well the raw stuff is anyways the only difference is that the stuff sold by Shell BP and the like use there own additives. The supermarket stuff is untreated and thus clogs everything up and it's also why they can sell it cheaper as they don't spend loads making these additives. Additives in petrol and diesel should NOT be confused with Octane and Centane ratings as different Octane ratings and cetane rating can be had out of the crude oil where as additives are just that, it's added after.

Also, Momentum 99 actually has it's own refineary, my friend tells me that theres only one place in the UK that it's made and it's specifically refined as a performance fuel and Tesco do spend loads of money on it with additives and blending, it's partly ethanol based and Claymore I've no idea why you car misfires on it because in numerous tests Tesco 99 beats Vpower hands down.
don't know why my car doesn't like tesco fuel, but interestingly two of my friends filled up with it on Sunday and they both had running issues, although I don't know if they used 95ron or the high octane, I assume they used the high octane as both cars are high performance. I do know that it's the worst fuel I've ever used in my car, the first time I put it in I put the poor running down to a coincidence, the second time was about 6 months later and within a mile the car would misfire at high boost. The car runs fine on BP ultimate but there is a definite improvement in power and economy with V-power.
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