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Ford Fiesta Mk4
Hi there

Very new to all this just turned 17 and got my first car a p reg ford fiesta encore 1.3 petrol. What are the best ways to tune the engine to get more power and make the car faster?? i have lots of time available and money. Happy to learn

Thanks Alan
Hi and welcome.

I would assume any mods will be declared to your insurance (otherwise you'll be driving illegally and if the worst comes to worst you will be prosecuted) meaning that anything you do declare will no doubt sky rocket your insurance premium. So my first piece of advice is not to bother until you're older and have a couple years NCB.

But, if you really have to.

The 1.3 itself isn't really worth modding. You'd have to put in a bigger engine. However, a cat-back exhaust system and a panel filter (don't bother with an induction kit) will give you a better throttle response.

Don't be cheap when it comes to tyres as well. Budget means just that. Get the good stuff you'll be rewarded. Better rubber means better grip, better handling, better braking etc.

I would also upgrade the suspension. A 1.3 Fiesta will never be 'fast', but it can be fun. The right suspension set up will allow you to enjoy the car better. I would get some coilovers (at least height adjustable) to get the lower and handling better. A front strut brace is also something low cost and easy to install, that will tighten up the front end, again improving handling.
I wouldnt bother spending any money on the 1.3 engine, it's weak, best way IMO is to put the puma 1.7 engine in, if you know any mechanics/friends who know what their doing and have the tools available to do so this is your best option. You can buy the engines at scrappy's or on ebay, but ideally I would get it out of a car that you can hear running before the engine is taken out and you need all the components too, manifold, gearbox etc etc.

It is quite straight forward swap really and it will go like nobodies business...

If you join there's a lot of engine conversion threads made by other members who have done it with pictures and a lot of a detail too. It's worth researching first, but theres a company called Puma speed who do engine conversions but there dead expensive...
Just keep in mind when doing engine conversions that brakes and suspension usually need upgrading as well. Remember to budget for this.
Remove rear seats and put some lighter front seats in my brother has a 1.3 p-reg which he put 16 inch alloys on and some xr2 seats we removed rear seats it went quite well but will never be really fast he is now scrapping it due to buying a zetec s which is alot faster standard just make it handle like a go kart out handle people instead.

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