Fitting an iPad into your dash

i seen somebody last year at MFN in i think it was a saxo or 106 had a massive body so couldnt they had one put in looked smart unlike the rest of the car
The in-car pc is now being overtaken by tablet installations, alot cheaper. Just a case of size selection to suit available space.
Looks like a great idea though, I need to upgrade my deck to something that can play MP3's , the whole tablet thing is starting to look more and more inviting, and not that expensive at all.
That was interesting and also pretty lucky that the dashboard was pretty much tailored for that iPad.
Or, did they choose that car because the iPad fitted and they could move the heater controls easily?
my Mates company has been knocking these out for couple years now in high end VW/Audi show cars, and also BMW M3's etc. They can be made fully removeable, so you park up and take the tab with you :)

google Studioincar for more info.... Their work does not come cheap, but they are one of, if not The, best in the uk. The attention to detail in their builds is simply awesome.
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