exhaust system

Are you after a ZZZZZZZZZZvrROOOOM or a BRROOOOOOOOM or more of a throaty VRUM VRUM?

(I'm losing the plot a bit here so in English)
What sort of noise are you after or do you just want the power gains from a sports exhaust. Have you thought of a SPORTS CAT as well? Are you looking at getting a full exhaust system or just the back box?
Waynne you have been speaking to trooper to much..lol :lol: I really dont know,what do you think? but i do like the vrooooom sound as you would put it.
I like my exhausts to sound deep and really roar when the revs increase. For this I reckon you should go for a 2-2.5 inch main pipe with a large tailpipe. I'll look into exhausts for your car and see what your options are. a sports cat - the thing that cleans up the emissions will release more power as the standard cats soak up about 5-7bhp!! Decat (taking the cat out completely) is an option but this is not legal and the car would fail the mot.
Scorpion seem to fit the bill and have quite a few tailpipe option including a nice oval and a twin pipe. Sport cats can be really expensive - £400 though so might be best to wait till the cat goes before replacing it. Not sure what year your car is but guessing around a 1996-98.
Oh Good! Our heads exploded a long time ago - it's quite liberating really.:? I think you get the idea that one mod is never enough - once you start you just keep going!

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