Driving without Coolant


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Peugeot 208 GTI - P
So, I had my car serviced, and they flushed out all the old coolant, and were suppose to replace it with new, but later found it that did not happen.

So when on the A1M my temperature speaked off red, I slowed down, then drove slower keeping it at normal, got home and realized there was ZERO coolant, added 3 litres now so ok, but ever since, I've smelt like a really hot metalic sound. Almost as if somethign metal got burnt.

Wondering what are the best and worst cases scenario here? (maybe damaged turbo?)

Peugeot 208 GTI
Thats bad! The temp sensor requires coolant so if that spike the air inside the water channels got scarily hot - internal engine parts were probably glowing.

Oil will help cool an engine but it'll only go so far. I would check it for compression, the most usual thing is a warped head and blowing head gasket. An oil change is a good idea, this will almost certainly have been fried in the heat.

The head and block may well have cracked under the extreme heat.

The piston rings and oil control rings may also have been fried. The turbo probably wasn't water cooled anyway, so that should be ok.

A compression test is a good way to determine if there is any major structural problems and keep an eye out for burning oil or coolant, or bubbles in the coolant expansion bottle.

The garage a clearly at fault here so in my eyes are liable for all the damage caused, but they are in their rights to impose a betterment charge for replacing new parts over original worn ones based on the cars mileage and expected lifespan.

If the car is running ok now and there are no signs of burning oil or coolant loss then you've been extremely lucky.
Sadly, there are bubbled in the coolant resevoir, and some evarporated air the first few times.

Fudge if I'm unlucky this sounds like it could've gone real bad, compression test sounds good thank you I'll see if I can arrange such.

But yeah it seems to have been running fine, not noticed anythign been driving 1/200 miles lately as I'm travelling on leave. But will get that checked out once done, appreciate the feedback!
UPDATE : Done a compression test (thanks for the suggestion!) and thank the heavens, all good, they checked the gasket and other things, all happy.
Looks like taking my foot off the gas, pausing, and then driving smoothly and slow the rest of the journey may have saved the day, as I presume if I had icnreased speed and not done that maybe I'd have a blown gasket ^^
You have had a very fortunate escape there my friend. I'm glad all is well. Your mechanical sympathy and knowledge saved the day.

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