depressing but happy day!



just joined the forum today for hopefully some good advice! depressing day because liverpool got beat but happy days because im really starting to enjoy my vrs octavia ive just bought!! after searching for a ages i found a late 2002 model in silver with only 68k on the clock with the former owner having had it serviced every 4000miles!!!! i feel it needs just a little 'kick up the backside' listening to my mate whos a skoda tech he suggested a panel filter change,forge diverter valve and a possible remap could a)give me instant throttle bite b)get rid of the small but annoying lag it has c)give me around 210-225bhp(yes please)dont want to go mental but just want some more-ha!!!! any thoughts greatly recieved guys and girls,cheers andy
hey and welcome.

with what you would see around 210, 215 if your lucky but no way 225 unless you had a very optimistic dyno
instant throttle bite will only happen over 3000 rpm

ive got a BMC CDA intake being fed cold air from the golf R32 intake
forgr 007p diverter valve with green spring
revo remap
and miltec cat back
and diagnostics only showed me around 202bhp
this was with a dodgy coilpack that has since given up the ghost
its the same AUQ engine as your just mated to the 6 spd box rather than the 5 spd
Welcome to TC. Still a nice package to play around with. I've seen a midly tuned 1.8T tuned to 300bhp and was very smooth, that was an MG ZS conversion done by Reyland, not cheap but very classy.
Hello there and may I extend to you a very warm welcome to TorqueCars forums.
It is great to meet you and I hope you enjoy the forums as much as we all do and that you get totally addicted to this site.

It sounds like you have a great project on your hands, with a sensible mod list already planned. A remap is a very good idea, the peak power figure is only a small part of it you should get a much nicer response all through the rev range and the car will feel a lot quicker.

Do feel free to get involved in our other threads too, the more the merrier as they say and we are friendly (being friendly is actually a forum rule!:))
Couple of things I dont quite get.

1 - Your a liverpool fan and you just 'bought' a car
2 - Secondly I thought you would be used to getting beat by now.

Cough 19 cough

Anyway. Hello and welcome! :bigsmile:
bbj, prince, 5 european cups the scousers have won, and you wont have a chance on sat lmao ;)

Liverpool fans living in the past as usual as their own only hope of glory is if United don't win something. That record won't last either.

Maybe we should take this to the off-topic area lol.

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