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can any one help me i got a golf 3 door se. i wana loud car audio so where do i start i had these cheap subs no good . i want something loud clear bass. and want 2 subs . how many speakers will i need and in bk doors all in fibre glass. how many amps .
how many is up to you, just remember youll need a good Head unit to supply the voltages to the speakers and amps.

custom build the boxes to the correct size for the sub. - its in the manual how much space they require then fiberglass the whole installation in .
ok ur right mate i was thinking 2 door 6in mids and back door build 2 . 6in mids . erm i got the jvc touch screen single din. its abt 4 volts pre out. and for subs i was thinking 12inchs wat will u say abt the space how do i measue it all with the hz i want to drop low.
erm wat mdf do i use to make the fibre for speakers and sub out of. wat will it cost in stuff with out audio
the space will be measured in cubic feet make it slightly bigger than stated this way you can always make the volume smaller by adding internally - remember that you need include the space that sub itself takes up.

12 or 18mm thick ply of MDF to make the boxes.

and see this for the fiberglass kits i bought the kit D to do my build that was 5 mtrs of 450 chop strand. 5 kg of resin and 100 ml of hardener for £32.

if your after low sounds go bigger subs at least 12" TN will be able to tell you more
thanks mate but how do i meause in cubic feet as i never done it b4 and would i need to invert or verted the subs on for better sound.
Hi mate have a look here
Stick with 12's they will serve you well. As for which way the subs are mounted depends on the size of your boot. As you'll have to take into account that a sub mounted upside down will have to move all the air in the boot.
For the front and back I'd be looking at putting a set of components in both front and back. Your gonna need at least 2 seperate amps. You want to be looking at Class D Mono amps for the 2 subs and maybe a 4 channel amp for the other speakers. Or two separate 2 channel amps. Hope this helps buddy.
Look towards Audiobahn, Alpine, Pioneer, JL audio, JBL.
Infact have a look here
thats ok mate but am wanting like pipeaudio 12s and boston mids 3 amps. will i need to extra battery or farad and wat esle do i need
thanks mate but how do i meause in cubic feet as i never done it b4 and would i need to invert or verted the subs on for better sound.

same way as you measure any volume - hight x width x length = volume.
just measure in ft

ie 2 ft (24") x 3ft (36") x 1/2ft (6") = 3 cubic ft
2 ft x 3 ft x 1ft = 6cu ft

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