dc2 cam


2001 integra type-r
hi there i got an 2001 dc2 type-r ,australia spec just wondering wat cam + cam gears u guys used can any one hlep me... cheers
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What is the power output of the Aus spec? Do you have an engine code for us?

Are you after a track day car or just a fast street car?
I think Skunk2 have a suitable cam then. Do you have a Skunk2 dealer near you?

The duration should be around 265-275 degrees really AFAIK.
yea that what i think too

thinking of skunk2 pro stage two with the head rebuild doing all the valve as well, you got link to those sites or you know where i can pick it up for at the best price
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it 141 kw with a b18c7
just for a fast street car
and belive me a very fast street car

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i drove a dohc with upgraded cams before and it killed the power of the car, but obviously there are cams out there that improve power output

for a car like the type r id only go 1 way, = spoon tune it, japs know best about jap cars

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