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Evening all!

I'm currently leaning towards changing my 1.8T A3 for a 1.9TDI A4 (B6 saloon) and just wondering if anyone had any pointers to aim for when looking?

Main reasons being tax and fuel, but I'd still like to be able to have some fun! I've seen some real nice ones out there, lowered on some big ol' alloys :)

130bhp - is much more achievable? Quattro or just the front wheel drive? Are there different engine codes that mean you can or cannot do certain things?

Anything else you can think of would be much appreciated.

I think Rob Bentley on here had a B6 saloon, I could be wrong though :blink: bit of a monster by all accounts ;)
Not sure what line is B6, but can comment about TDI in general.
PD130 or PD150 (if egsist in named vehicle) are the ones to go. PD130 got same internals as PD150 but smaller turbine and got SMIC instead of FMIC in PD150.
Block, cranckshaft, conrods, head, injectors, pistons etc are same as in PD150. Not sure about Audi but in VW PD150 got engine code "ARL" and PD130 is "ASZ". Those two engines are considered as most durable of all 1,9 PD engines as far as I am aware.
For less cash you got same engine block as PD150 and a pretty large margine for tuning if you go for ASZ.
Was going to say, I didn't think the 150 was available in the A4, could only find it in the Golfs.

6K spread over the next few years is feasible, I'll just keep playing the lottery, having said that, if I won, I think I'd go slightly more exotic than an A4!

Any real benefit from the Quattro, other than the obvious?!

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