Colour bands on springs? HELP!!!!


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Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi
Hi does anyone in the torquecars community know anything about colour bands on springs of the suspension of a car. In particular for the ford focus zetec 2007 model.

I ask this because i cant afford a new coilover kit to help solve my cars roll, which is causing my front bumper to catch on the road, and my local tuning garage suggested buying a new set of stiffer springs from Ford themselves. Yet there are a number available and they are catergorised via bands eg Blue blue red or blue red blue etc. I have no idea what these mean and the garage said they do not have a chart (which they believe there is) which can distinguish which bands mean stiffer springs or not.

Help would be greatly appreciated

Do you have an anti roll bar fitted? This might be the cheapest and easiest option, it depends how bad the body roll problem is.

I don't think standard springs would be hard enough to be honest with you. The diesel engine is a pretty heavy lump anyway so a Petrol RS spring will probably not help much.
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