Coilover query.


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Ruislip, England
E30 touring 325i
I have on the front of my car a set of coil-overs I purchased second hand.

I have a knocking noise which is apparent when the suspension goes to droop then loads up again, i.e. hitting a dip in the road or coming off of a bump at speed like a botched road repair on the motorway.

They are wound up a fair bit, (raised the ride height) in comparison to when I got them, so can't see there being any slack.

Any ideas on how to alleviate this irritating noise? Remove helper springs? Raise the ride height even more?
Are you sure they are not bottoming out ??
Do they have adjustable dampers and if so can you adjust the bump setting?
Double check the top mounts at the top of the coil-overs to make sure they are not worn as this can cause the symptoms you are talking about. Also look at the drop links on the front suspension as well just to eliminate them, coil-overs especially if the geometry has not been set up properly can put additional strain on these, especially if there is a lot of negative camber.
Minimal camber, Droplinks are new and from a ford mondeo estate rear.
Didn't think it could be top mounts, will check them out.
Definitely not bottoming out, could be topping out though, if that makes sense.
It can be difficult to tell if a coilover is 100% with the springs on . And if thy are used they may have been sold because they are not 100%
is the noise from one or both sides.
both sides would indicate adjustment or both u/s
If the noise is from one side swap the coilovers around that will answer is one is dodgy.
Noise is both sides. but seems more from the O/S
Going to be taking them off the car tomorrow (if the weather holds out) and seeing if I can find what's wrong
Not had a chance thus far. but the weather yesterday and today has been welcome!
Not car stuff for me today. After being unemployed since september I had a call from the Agency, Start on Monday! whoop
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