CD Player repair or ISO for Aftermarket


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Hi All,
my 6 disc CD player has given up the ghost and has stopped reading CD's. Does anyone know of a reputable repairer that wont charge more than the unit is worth to repair it?

Alternatively maybe now is the time to fit an aftermarket unit with DAB, parrot and Iphone connectivity, I have done quite a lot of research on this as I have the 2006 93 with the 7 speaker ICM 2 set up which makes things a bit more complicated, I want to keep the system as standard as possible without doing a full rewire if possible. I realise I will need to connect the Fibres together (so my car will start, if you remove any item with fibre in the loop then the car will not start as this is the Central Nervous System for the 93) but is there a way I can use the current ICM and EHU in line with an aftermarket unit by fitting a piggyback ISO connector so I dont have to cut any cables? I am prepared to do that if required but if there is a connector that would allow my steering wheel controls and all the warnings, clicks, bings and bongs to work with the SID that would be ideal. Does anyone know if there is such an ISO conector available?

Or can I connect the new Head units speaker outputs by tapping into the current speaker cables without making the SAAB system have a hissy fit?

Any help on these questions would be greatly recieved.

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Ditch the Saab CD unit and go aftermarket, I have had 2 new units and they don't appear to have a long life. The fiber optics should not be a problem, try these people and have a look at the Gateway 500S BT and Gateway Pro BT.