Car sold then buyer wants a refund scam


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This one keeps doing the rounds. When buying privately there is little to no recourse against the seller of the car unless they grossly misrepresented the car description.

The buyer has to check the car, there is no warranty, trial period or guarantee on a private sale.

If you buy privately I strongly recommend you get an AA inspection and carry out a full test drive. The reason dealers charge higher prices is to cover the cost of fixing problems and faults.

If you get a buyer trying it on, your best course of action is to ignore them. Speak to citizens advice for legal help should you require it.

What you state on the advert also needs to reflect the condition of the car. If the engine is smoking and you filled the gearbox up with sawdust because it rattles so much but you describe the car as in perfect condition you could have problems.

It is also subjective and a car that drives perfectly does not guarantee that it will the day after the sale goes through.

Don't get fooled into giving people a refund after having used your car for 1000's of miles.


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Dealer prices will almost certainly be higher than any private sale as they have many overheads to cover along with a warranty of sorts before making a profit.

If it seems to be a deal that is too good to be true IMO you should run away as fast as you can.