England, Derby
Fiesta Zetec S

i have a 1.6 zetec. im starting to get bored off the power now. ive heared that up rating the cams will make it quicker, does anyone have any suggestions as to what cams i would need. ive heared kent cams are the ones to go for and also what else would i need to do to make it worth it?

thanks :)
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Kent are a reputable name buddy.
Cams are likely to make the car run lumpy and can cause rough running around town in my experience anyway.

What's been done so far mate?
ah i see, so proberly not the best thing to do for a daily driver then.

im from borrowash.

as for the car.

i bought it with, a cat back exhaust, a k&n air filter and i think its lowered about 30mm all round. so far ive just tidyed up the body work, sprayed a few things matt black and undersealed the underneath :)

and just having fun driving it
I would just enjoy the car for what it is buddy, but if you must up the power a little then try contacting one of our specialist advertisers on here to see if the car can be remapped.
This could get you a few more BHP and possibly increase your MPG as well. Prices vary so give them a call and see what is available.

Good luck with your project and keep us updated with any progress ;)
Leave it and concentrate on handling and brakes ad you have a decent handling car to begin with. If you want to keep it later on you could slot on a 2ltr zetec and choose from a host of mods, stick an ST170 lump in or even an RS "duratec" engine and turbo setup.

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