building a mk4 gti 1.8t sleeper


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2002 vw gti 1.8t
hey guys. im pretty new to the vw car world, so i need some insight. right now i have a stock 2002 golf gti 1.8t. i have an Injen cold air intake that just came in, and the next two things im ordering is an Integrated Engineering 2.0 stroker kit and most likely a bigger turbo. i absolutely know thats not all im getting but what im curious about is, has anyone heard or seen these mk4 gti's (not r32) making 4-500hp? and if so what do you guys think itll take. its been a dream of mine to build up a car and its deff going to be a long term project. any help and details would be awesome.

Hello and welcome to the site mate

theres some going about with apparently 700bhp form the 1.8
theres a company over here that was testing their 600 wheel kit but they didnt have a price - they were using a bored block to 1.9

but imo i wouldnt bother with anything over 300-350 - unless you have a 4motion. the fwd chassis isnt the best and all youll do is smoke out the front wheels
Agree with PG here, traction is a big issue. CNC cylinder heads have turned out some impressively machined heads for the 1.8T which help bring these power figures to within your reach.
yeah ive been thinking about that alot. i want to build a balanced car, it has to do equally good cornering, braking, etc, as it does on a drag strip. any tips on turbos? looking for something that will bring 25-35 boost range
25-30 bhp can be gotten on the standard turbo with a remap

brakes im using the porsche carrera 4 996 rear callipers on my fronts with federo ds2500 pads and find them fantastic

cornering best start with an rear anti roll bar to tighten up the rear

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