brakes on the track


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s2000 '06reg
Leading on from the last post... has anyone tracked the s2k on standard brakes??

Im worried that they wont do the job on a trackday, and dont fancy finding out at 140mph. If no good, can anyone reccomend a decent road/track pad that will do the trick for sensible money...

also, will a stronger pad affect a normal disc??
...... and if i should replace them, then replace back and front pads, or would just putting performance pads on front and standad on back be ok?
ferodo ds2500 are supposed to be good for both on and off the track. or ds3000 for track usage.

yes the likes of ceramic pads will go through the discs quicker
Let them cool every few laps and check the car over and you should be fine. Honda's standard brakes are pretty good, I guess a lot depends on the driver and how hard you anchor up.

You could always swap the pads for a track day and keep the current ones as spares to fit them when the "race pads" are worn out or no longer required? A pad swap doesn't really take that long to do.:D
thanks guys.. I think im going to go with the Ferrodo DS performance pads... They seem like a good compromise between cost and performance.

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